Compliance / Records Management as a Service

Compliance with regulatory requirements is a must for highly regulated companies and a strong information management solution is a critical factor in deploying an effective compliance program. While there are common factors in all compliance programs, there are also unique requirements for each industry and company. Whether on our Ready4IM platform or not, KeenIM enables you to deploy your retention policies and procedures based upon your company’s compliance program. 

KeenIM has partnered with RecordPoint to provide robust, fully-integrated compliance solutions including:

  • eDiscovery
  • Records Management
  • GDPR
  • File Share Clean-up and Migration
  • Platform Migration

RecordPoint's Records365 platform provides Records Management as a Service so you get all of the compliance benefits without the need to maintain software and hardware, and manages records easily in multiple platforms including:

  • SharePoint / Office 365
  • File Shares
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Docs
  • Physical Files
  • RecordPoint has an open API for integration with other content platforms

Seamless Information Management and Collaboration

Automated Compliance and Content Federation

Realize your advantage through information!

At KeenIM, we connect people and information. We empower organizations, making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for, and so that they can make better decisions faster. Through our Ready4IM® cloud-based solutions, we eliminate information silos and leverage master data sources to ensure that your information assets don’t’ become stale, but rather are easily found and managed today and ten years from now. Our solutions are designed with a foundation of information security and compliance, driving advantage through information.

Advantage through information