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Eliminate Productivity Crushing Content Silos

The long process of building and operating a pipeline or processing plant is a messy process. Content coming from numerous disparate sources, often captured and stored between disorganized, unsecure file shares, CAD systems, and various disparate content platforms. Data about the asset changes from design to operational status compounding the problem of findability as users are often searching using incorrect terminology.

Once the project is complete and the asset transitions to operational status, the people tasked with maintaining the asset often don’t have access to the content from the project, adding yet another new content silo. The outcome is all to predictable. Productivity is lost while users hunt for information that is either out of reach or just difficult to find due to poorly designed information management solutions. Regulatory audits become a time-consuming struggle, sometimes resulting in fines or worse.

We Solve the Asset Information Management Dilemma

At KEENIM, we focus on an asset-centric approach to information management that builds upon standard information architecture integrated with asset master data to ensure users can always find information based upon the one true definition of the asset. Benefits include:

  • A secure, single point of access to all asset content
    • Construction records / Job books
    • Operations / Maintenance records
    • Search interface facilitates regulatory audits
  • Asset Hubs and dashboards enable users to quickly and easily find information related to any asset by type, location, regulatory category, or other attribute
  • Master content repositories capture information common to one or more asset to minimize content duplication and simplify
  • Asset-centric information management facilitates the onboarding of newly acquired assets
  • Dynamically integrated with asset master data where changes to the master data are automatically translated to the content ensuring findability
    • GIS data integration
    • EAM data integration
    • Engineering Document Management integration (e.g., Meridian)
  • Asset-focused search leveraging standard classification / taxonomies for findability
  • Leverage your existing Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint platform
  • Facilitate asset acquisition and divestiture
  • Eliminate the use of risky and inefficient file shares
  • Compliance with Federal / State / Province regulatory requirements (records retention)

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