Asset-Focused Solutions for Upstream Energy

Eliminate Information Silos for:

  • Digital Well Files
  • Digital Land Records

Tank silos are great for storing oil, but they're terrible for information or content that needs to be shared.  The energy industry is full of information silos where information is captured and effectively lost to many of those who need it.  Well files and Land records are created within defined departments and applications throughout the lifecycle of a well, but frequently need to be shared outside of those departments.  Silos prevent that sharing, and often lead to hoarding and stale information as users cling to what they can find.  This opens the company to risk.

Eliminate Stale Content by Getting Dynamic

If you want to be able to find asset-related content, not just 10 months from now, but also 10 years from now, Dynamic Asset Information Management (DAIM) is the answer. DAIM leverages master data and other sources including Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  linked dynamically to content stored in the SharePoint / Office 365.  If information related to the asset changes in the source system, the change is automatically translated to the content system, and leveraged by the search interface to ensure that users can find it.  The original source information is also captured to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.  Without DAIM, information in the content system becomes stale over time making it difficult or impossible for users to find what they need, leading to losses in productivity and increased risk to the organization.  

Benefits of DAIM include:

  • Increased efficiency through enhanced search capabilities for content throughout the well lifecycle
  • Dynamic integration with asset master data and other external data sources, including GIS systems, leading to more valuable analytics and improved data quality throughout the asset lifecycle
  • Greatly reduced time to ingest and begin leveraging information related to acquired assets
  • Reduced time to gather content related to divesture
  • Ease of use, and increased user adoption through zero-click, drag-and-drop interface
  • Increased document security
  • Compliance requirements are met as rules-based retention is automatically applied 
  • Reduced risk from failed audits
  • Reduced document duplication / hoarding due to user frustration
  • Reduced risk of users acting on outdated information (e.g., avoid drilling a well in the wrong location due to outdated plat information) 
  • Reduced risk from ransomware that impacts mapped file share drives

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