Case Study: Dynamic Integration of Well Master Data with Office 365 / SharePoint.

Upstream Case Study

Operators, like many energy companies, capture data from field locations, including wells, pipelines and storage facilities where operational data is originally created. This is a daunting task fraught with inconsistencies and associated risk for serious errors. Furthermore, physical data can be lost, literally, and digital systems are at risk of hacking and ransomware.

What if it didn’t have to be? The Dynamic Asset Information Management (DAIM) solution connects functional applications to the master data source and to original content stored on existing Office 365 or SharePoint platforms. Allowing companies to share and access the same information, across the board, keeping everyone current and on the same page.

Learn how KeenIM is helping upstream energy companies benefit from DAIM to reduce risk, save time, and find their “Golden Record” or single source of truth.

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