Ready4IM® Solutions for Dynamic Asset Information Management (DAIM)

In many industries, the need to manage and retain information throughout the lifecycle of an asset (e.g., a well, pipeline, processing or generation facility) has been a challenge.  These assets are often long-lived where the time from construction to decommissioning can be decades. In addition, systems used to manage those assets are often replaced, at least once during their lifecycle, and often multiple times.  Users who support and maintain long-lived assets are faced with the difficult task of quickly finding information that was created years in the past, and usually under the pressure of an audit or unscheduled down time.  

DAIM leverages master data sources, including solutions such as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, linked dynamically to content stored in the SharePoint / Office 365 system.  If information related to the asset changes in the source system, the change will automatically be translated to the content system, and leveraged by the search interface to ensure that users can find it.  The original source information is also captured to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.  Without DAIM, information in the content system becomes stale over time making it difficult or impossible for users to find what they need, leading to losses in productivity and increased risk to the organization.  

Benefits of DAIM include:

  • Time to first information:  Ingest asset acquisitions, and leverage that content to your advantage much more quickly.
  • Improved data quality and accuracy:  Ensures that information associated to physical assets is automatically, and dynamically updated when information in the source system changes.  For example, if a well name changes, that well name will change for all content stored within the SharePoint / Office 365 repository ensuring that users who are searching for the information will always find it, based on the current definition of the asset.  
  • Enhanced productivity: Vastly improved search functionality improves efficiency and improves productivity.
  • Ensures compliance: Ensures accurate records retention and management and facilitates preparation and execution of audit processes and shortens the timeframe needed to complete audits.
  • Drives efficiency: Reduces the time needed to prepare for turnarounds or other planned downtime events.

Read more of how Dynamic Asset Information Management helps your organization keep up with the changes and create an advantage through information, or watch the recorded webinar and demo.

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