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KEENIM provides solutions and services to clients in most industries and many of our solutions are not industry specific. Most of our services and solutions that facilitate Intelligent Information Management are not industry specific, dealing with traditional back-office functions or specific technology applications and platforms.

General Departmental Solutions

Human Resources
Information Technology
Corporate Communications
Administration and Facilities
Finance and Accounting

Service and Solution Focus

Intranets and Extranets
Compliance / Records Management
Content Management
Business Intelligence
Application Development
Business Process Automation

Industry-Focused Solutions for Industry Leaders

Many of our clients face a common set of issues such as being highly regulated, often distributed over a broad geography, and dealing with long-lived assets that must be managed over decades. These clients benefit from having a solution provider who has worked extensively within their industries, solving industry-specific problems.

Oil and Gas

Fluctuating oil and gas prices are the new norm.  Energy companies that thrive see the need for lower operating costs, and improved efficiency throughout the organization.  Those that innovate will find new opportunities and flourish.  Those that do not will wither away or be absorbed by industry leaders.  The focus on the Digital Oilfield has provided tremendous opportunities to capture data as never before.  KEENIM help you to leverage that data, binding it to unstructured content to improve overall access and productivity throughout the asset lifecycle.  

We work with companies to eliminate information silos, and move away from inefficient file shares.  We enable oil and gas companies to focus on improving core business capabilities while we provide and support the information management needs of the organization.  Our experts have extensive industry experience, working with companies large and small,  spanning upstream, midstream, and downstream operations.  We understand the highly regulated environment and asset lifecycle issues and work with you to improve collaboration and drive compliance with regulatory requirements.

Solutions include:

  •  Asset Information Management
    • Wells
    • Pipelines
    • Plants
  •  Land Management Records
  •  Environmental, Health and Safety Records
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Utilities are faced with a myriad of challenges including an aging workforce and aging infrastructure. Advances in alternative energy will continue to put pressure on utility companies to adjust to quickly changing markets. As a result, utility companies which have been traditionally slow to adapt, must transform into digital enterprises that are more efficient and nimble while still meeting ever expanding regulatory requirements.

KEENIM's information management solutions empower you to quickly move towards that digital enterprise. Our solutions integrate with your line-of-business applications to ensure information access and quality throughout the lifecycle of your assets. Our solutions are designed to find!

It's your information. It's time to use it to your advantage.

Intelligent information management solutions for the digital enterprise

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