Information Management as a Service

All of KEENIM's solutions are available as a service.  Whether you are a small to medium size business that doesn't have the IT staff needed to deploy comprehensive information management (IM) solutions, or you simply want to leverage our skills and expertise while focusing on core your core business, we've got your solution.  From the Intranet all the way to records management and everything in between, including our Dynamic Asset Information Management capabilities. Our IM as a Service provide a quick and easy path to the cloud, including managing application infrastructure in Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).  

  • Reduced time to benefit: With KeenIM’s SaaS solutions, you can be up and running much more quickly.  There are no servers to purchase and configure and our information management solutions are already designed to work in the cloud.
  • Lower Costs: There is no costly hardware to deploy in your environment, and the hosting vendor already provides information redundancy and backups.  Maintenance costs are also greatly reduced and you no longer need to oversee the release management of the software.
  • Improved Capabilities: Take advantage of new software releases and features automatically.  Most vendors have taken a cloud-first deployment model ensuring that new features and capabilities are quickly available to cloud users.
  • Scalability: Whether you’ve got 20 users or 2000 users, our solutions are designed to scale. If additional servers are required, there are no delays or costly hardware to purchase.

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