KEENIM was founded with the idea of making robust information management (IM) solutions available to everyone quickly and affordably, whether you have the IT staff to deploy and maintain it, or not. We’ve taken our years of experience in IM and combined it with extensive industry experience in energy and utilities to create a suite of solutions that can quickly and easily be deployed either for a specific department or to the entire enterprise.

Information Management as a Service Solutions include:

  • Corporate Intranets and Extranets
  • Compliance / Records Management
  • M&A Virtual Clean Room
  • Departmental Solutions
  • Human Resources
  • Communications
  • Legal / Contracts
  • Information Technology
  • Environment, Health and Safety – EHS
  • Land Records
  • Well Records
  • Reduced time to benefit: With KEENIM's IMaas / SaaS solutions, you can be up and running quickly.  There are no servers to purchase and configure and our information management solutions are already designed to work in the cloud.
  • Secure:  Rather than an unknown proprietary platform, KEENIM leverages Microsoft's leading security capabilities of the Microsoft / Office 365 platform.
  • Incorporate your master data:  We integrate your master data to ensure data quality, improve search function, and most importantly, to ensure that the content you capture is always reflective of your system of record.
  • Quickly ingest information from M&A activity:  Our platform enables you to quickly and easily ingest/divest new content resulting from mergers and acquisitions.
  • Extensible and customizable: While we offer strong off-the-shelf capabilities, we realize that some clients have unique requirements.  All KEENIM solutions are extensible and customizable to meet specialized demands of our clients.
  • Scalability: Whether you’ve got 30 users or 10,000 users, our solutions are designed to scale.


  • Quick to deploy
  • Industry-Ready
  • Eliminate information silos and drive collaboration across the enterprise
  • Integrate your source / master data to eliminate stale content and drive search function
  • Facilitate M&A activities speeding time to first information
  • Mobile-ready for access anywhere
  • Energize your collaboration
  • Compliance-Ready

Information Management as a Service

Because we can do it better, faster and for less, and we can manage if for you if you don't have the internal resources.

Intelligent information management solutions for the digital enterprise

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