KeenIM Announces Hiring of Russ Hollingsworth as Vice President of Business Development

DENVER, CO, June 25, 2018 – KeenIM LLC, a leading provider of business advisory and technology services for the oil and gas industry, announced today that Russ Hollingsworth has joined the company as Vice President of Business Development.

Russ is responsible for leading KeenIM business development initiatives in North America, overseeing quality assurance for new client engagements and extending strategic relationships with KeenIM’s client base. Hollingsworth reports directly to KeenIM President, Michael Elkins.

Michael Elkins, CEO, said, “We are truly excited to have Russ join the KeenIM team to support our growth generated by increasing market acceptance of our solutions. He has a long track record of successfully providing information management services and solutions to the oil and gas industry. His energy sector experience, ability to apply proven technology to solve client business challenges and service-driven attitude fits our culture and market focus.”

Speaking to his new role, Russ said, “KeenIM’s information management solutions for the oil and gas industry are based on proven technology, proprietary methodologies and best practices. The company’s lineup of solutions has the potential to help energy companies increase productivity, maintain efficiency gains and transform information into a competitive advantage. I am pleased to be part of the KeenIM team and contribute to its growth.”

Russ has over 20 years of professional experience building trusted consultative relationships and implementing value-driven solutions for oil and gas companies. Prior to joining KeenIM, he was at TAB Products Company where he was Sales Director for the Energy Division.

About KeenIM

KeenIM LLC provides expert services and solutions for leading resource industry companies including Oil & Gas, Utilities and Mining designed to generate a competitive advantage through information.  Our experience, expertise, proven methodologies, and templated approach shorten the time to deploy, driving efficiency and productivity across the entire energy enterprise, and across the asset lifecycle.


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