In traditional merger or acquisition (M&A) talks, each company in the proposed transaction appoints members to a joint team, a Clean Team, to review and negotiate the deal. This team is responsible for reviewing business plans, financial information, identifying organizational synergies, and defining the key players in the newly combined organization. These members of this clean team are frequently in different locations requiring a common place where information can be easily yet securely shared amongst the team members.

At KEENIM, we leverage Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud platform to implement Virtual Clean Room environments, also called Virtual Data Rooms. In addition to the ability to securely capture and share the content associated to the transaction, the platform provides superior capabilities for collaboration including virtual meetings, task management, planning and compliance. Microsoft Teams enables clean team members to collaborate using messaging, virtual meetings and screen sharing where they may quickly resolve questions and share thoughts related to the transaction. Microsoft Office 365 also allows multiple users to co-author documents at the same time facilitating the collaboration process.  Clean team members also benefit from automating approval and review tasks using Microsoft Flow.

Because the clean room can be established without the knowledge of each organization’s staff, the clean team can collaborate and share information while maintaining confidentiality. If the transaction is not completed, the information can be returned to each owning party, and the site deleted.

  • Quickly and securely stand up your clean room environment with only identified users from each team being added to the environment as directed.
  • Clean rooms are created and maintained outside of the purview of either organization's employees to minimize the potential of organizational leaks.
  • Clean teams are quick and easy to provision, and easily deleted should the transaction not go through.
  • We act as a neutral third party, creating and managing the clean room to ensure security and compliance is maintained.

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