Webinar: Dynamic Asset Information Management for Long-Lived Assets

If you’re in the Oil & Gas, Utilities, or Mining industries, you know the issues related to managing long-lived assets such as pipelines, wells, or transmission lines.  These assets typically have lifecycles spanning decades and its frequently the case that the people who are operating them are not the same people who designed and built

KeenIM to Exhibit at Denver Energy Tech Showcase

Come see the KeenIM team at the Denver Energy Technology Showcase on May 8th, 2018 at the Rock Bottom Brewery, downtown Denver from 3:00 to 6:30 PM. Energy Tech Showcase events are designed to introduce companies in the energy complex, including E&P, midstream, downstream and services to the energy tech companies in a low-stress, high-energy

KeenIM to Sponsor and Exihibit at Denver ARMA Spring Seminar

KeenIM is pleased to sponsor and support the Denver ARMA Spring Conference on April 24th, 2018 at the Denver Police Protection Association (DPPA) Conference Center.  At the event, KeenIM will be showcasing its comprehensive information management solutions that incorporate industry-leading compliance solutions from RecordPoint.  The combination of KeenIM and RecordPoint provides a robust, comprehensive information management

Energy Information Management is Faster and Easier Than You Think

Energy companies can dramatically increase productivity and manage the lifecycle of an asset by leveraging the next generation of Information Management, but many put it off because of the perceived duration and cost of installation. There are two secret ingredients to reducing Information Management project implementation duration and cost. KeenIM has years of hands-on experience

KeenIM is one of 40 energy industry innovators at the Denver Energy Tech Showcase II on October 17

KeenIM, a leading Denver-based supplier of energy-focused information management solutions, will be among the innovative solutions present at the Energy Tech Showcase on Tuesday, the 17th of October at the Rock Bottom, Downtown Denver. The Denver Energy Tech Showcase II is a follow-up to the highly successful initial Showcase hosted in Denver in January, 2017.

KeenIM is an information management services provider focused on the Oil and Gas, Utilities and Mining industries. We leverage our extensive experience within these process industries to ensure a comprehensive information management platform for our clients that encompasses the Intranet/Extranet all the way through the information lifecycle to facilitate information governance / compliance.

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