Ready4IM™ Suite

Information Management Simplified

At KeenIM, our goal is to make information management solutions accessible to every organization.  We do that by providing the most complete information management solution on the market. 

  • The template-driven architecture shortens deployment times and facilitates maintenance saving you time and money.
  • The search-based architecture integrates with master data sources improving data quality and enhancing search effectiveness, findability and efficiency.
  • Ready4IM easily adapts to your records program, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and lowering risk.
  • Ready4IM empowers departmental collaboration and information sharing, improving communication across the enterprise.

Based on Microsoft's Office 365/SharePoint platform, Ready4IM incorporates two major elements.

Ready4IM Portal is a turnkey, search-based Intranet which is the presentation layer for all information shared company-wide. The portal empowers the owners of the information to publish their information directly to the Intranet in a secure, controlled way. The solution is architected so that users can simply add their content and be up and running quickly and effortlessly. Everything is easily branded, extensible and mobile-ready.  Ready4IM Portal also easily adapts to Extranet environments as well. 

Ready4IM Foundation provides out-of-the-box content management and collaboration while also facilitating compliance. The Foundation includes template information architecture and site designs so that companies no longer need to spend months or years designing and deploying Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. Information architectures and site structures exist for most back-office functions, and extensions are available for many industry specific functions including:

  • Environment, Health and Safety
  • Land Records
  • Engineering Document Control
  • Well File Management


Don't Start with This

Starting from scratch? 

  • No pre-configured site design or structure
  • No pre-configured information architecture
  • Only basic search functionality
  • No user experience standards
  • No corporate branding applied

Be Ready4IM Instantly

  • Immediate Intranet - Just add content
  • Pre-defined information architecture
  • Pre-defined site structures and features
  • Mobile-ready immediately
  • Enhanced search infrastructure
  • Pre-configured user experience
  • Branded to your standards
  • Pre-configured security
  • Extensible and easily maintained

KeenIM's information management solutions are designed for ease of deployment and maintenance to get you up and productive quickly.

Information Management Simplified