At KEENIM, we understand that a strong foundation is necessary for any enterprise-scale information management solution. That foundation is built on standards that take into consideration core elements of information architecture, security, user experience, enterprise search and change management or governance. Whether you're looking for assistance with Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Power BI, or Azure, we've got you covered.  Our team of experts not only understand information management technologies, but also the industries that we support, which is critical to our success, and yours.

IT Staff Augmentation

Whether you need an expert for a near-term project or simply need someone to assist a few hours a week or month, we're KEEN to help. Our experts can assist you with application development, application administration, cloud migration, business analysis, business intelligence or even strategic program management requirements.

Cloud & Managed Services

Moving to the Cloud? We can get you there quickly and easily. As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), we offer the services and solutions you need for a successfully migration. Whether moving existing applications to Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), implementing Microsoft Office 365, or both, KEENIM has you covered. Are you looking for a strong information management solution but don't have the personnel necessary to deploy and maintain it? We provide and manage complete information management solutions so you can focus on what you do best.

Application Development

There are times when 'out-of-the-box' just cannot provide the desired functionality for a given solution. KEENIM's certified team of developers provide application development capabilities including SharePoint, Python, .Net, C#, Angular, Java, JQuery and Azure.

Business Process and Forms Automation

Automating key business processes, including the elimination of paper forms processing provides a tremendous opportunity for companies to save big and improve efficiency. Automating frequent, routine processes such as employee onboarding, contract approvals, or maintenance inspection reports not only improves efficiency, but also drives data quality for immediate savings.

Business Intelligence (BI)

KEENIM BI services enable you to make intelligent, data-driven decisions leveraging Microsoft's Power BI business intelligence platform. Visually transform and explore your data, collaborating through intuitive dashboards and interactive reports.

Information Architecture Design

Building a house without a strong, well-designed foundation is not wise. Nor is implementing an information management solution without a strong, well-defined information architecture. The design of the information architecture is a critical element of the overall user experience and has direct impact on the user's ability to find what they are looking for. A strong information architecture drives findability and incorporates standard metadata, corporate and industry taxonomies, and incorporates master data elements into the design.

Platform & Content Migration

Whether migrating from an older content platform or to the Cloud, KEENIM offers extensive experience in migrating applications, data and content ensuring that critical information is retained for compliance purposes. We align information architectures, security models, and user experience when planning platform migrations. We also leverage data migration tools to facilitate the migration process, reducing costs.

Knowledge Management

Leaders in industry know that having access, not only to the right information, but also to the right people at the right time is essential in improving productivity and increasing innovation. Companies that implement well thought out collaboration and knowledge sharing solutions have a distinct competitive advantage and also enjoy improved employee satisfaction and retention. We understand that collaboration is much more than implementing messaging or discussion board technologies. Knowledge management and collaboration programs must take into consideration cultural qualities of the organization. Effective knowledge-based enterprises empower users to share and reward those who do so effectively.

Intelligent information management solutions for the digital enterprise

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