Migration Services

Are you migrating to Microsoft 365? If you’re thinking of just moving your content to SharePoint Online, you’re missing out on the bulk of what the platform offers. The addition of tools such as Microsoft Teams, Lists, Stream and OneDrive demand a well planned strategy for how you will leverage all of the tools and services to make the most of your investment.  KEENIM has extensive experience in migrating applications, data and content ensuring that critical information is retained for compliance purposes. We align information architectures, security models, and user experience when planning platform migrations. We also leverage data migration tools to facilitate the migration process, reducing costs. If you are looking to migrate from a legacy platform or even outdated versions of SharePoint, we’ve got you covered.

Cloud and Managed Services

Are you looking for a strong information management solution but don’t have the personnel necessary to deploy and maintain it? We deploy and manage complete information management solutions so you can focus on what you do best. We will ensure your Microsoft 365 platform is up to date with the latest features that make sense for your users and staff.

Information Architecture Design

Building a house without a strong, well designed foundation is a terrible idea.  So too is implementing an information management solution without a well designed, search-based architecture.  The design of the architecture is a critical element of a successful user experience and has direct impact on the user’s ability to find what they are looking for now and in the future.  A Strong architecture drives findability and promotes standard metadata, corporate and industry taxonomies, and incorporates master data elements into the design and leverages the strengths of artificial intelligence.

Knowledge Management and Collaboration

Leaders in industry know that having access, not only to the right information, but also the right people at the right time is essential in improving productivity and increasing innovation. Companies that implement well thought out collaboration and knowledge sharing solutions have a distinct competitive advantage and also enjoy improved employee satisfaction and retention. We understand that collaboration is much more than implementing messaging or discussion board technologies. Knowledge management and collaboration programs must take into consideration cultural qualities of the organization. Effective knowledge-based enterprises empower users to share and reward those who do so effectively.

Compliance / Records Management

Compliance with regulatory requirements is a must for most organizations and a strong information management solution is a critical factor in deploying an effective compliance program. While there are common factors in all compliance programs, there are also unique requirements for each industry and company. Our solutions are based on Microsoft 365, providing you the ability manage corporate records in SharePoint, Outlook and networked shared drives and also have built in eDiscovery, legal hold, and audit capabilities.

Application Development

There are times when ‘out-of-the-box’ just cannot provide the desired functionality for a given solution. Migrating from on-premises platforms to Microsoft 365 also often require redevelopment custom workflows and user interfaces to take advantage of the cloud-based platform. KEENIM has an outstanding team of developers who provide application development capabilities including SharePoint, .Net, C#, Angular, Java, JQuery and Azure.

Training & Knowledge Transfer

At KEENIM, our primary goal is your success and strong user adoption. That success cannot be accomplished without users having a clear understanding of the solutions including how to use the primary features of their system. We offer on-site feature and function training in either a classroom setting, or one-to-one training as necessary. In some cases, users need to refresh their knowledge of the system, or users may be in remote locations without the ability to attend classroom training. KEENIM provides video computer-based-training that can be accessed from anywhere at any time, ensuring that users have access where and when they need it.