Webinar: Dynamic Asset Information Management for Long-Lived Assets

If you’re in the Oil & Gas, Utilities, or Mining industries, you know the issues related to managing long-lived assets such as pipelines, wells, or transmission lines.  These assets typically have lifecycles spanning decades and its frequently the case that the people who are operating them are not the same people who designed and built them.  Even though some content associated with long-lived assets are core records that must be retained “as is,” other critical operating data is subject to change.  Unfortunately, most existing systems for data and records management store information as static metadata, and as a result the information becomes stale and outdated over time.

For example, well names change, as do the operators of those wells over time.  Pipeline names often change from design to operations.  If the metadata associated to the content remains static when in reality it is changing, these discrepancies will eventually pose numerous challenges for those tasked with maintaining the asset.  The content will not be in alignment with the asset master data making it difficult to find for the users, leading to lost productivity, unplanned downtime and increased risk to the organization.  Can you imagine not being able to find a pipeline inspection report while a regulatory agency representative is standing in your office? 

In this webinar, KeenIM and RecordPoint will present next generation solutions for Dynamic Asset Information Management (DAIM).  DAIM ensures that the content and records associated with long-lived assets are always in alignment with the true data master to ensure data quality and accuracy.  DAIM makes sure you can always find what you’re looking for while adhering to regulatory requirements.

If you struggle with outdated systems that don’t provide the information you need to make decisions, meet regulatory demands and act with agility, this webinar is for you. 

Watch the Recorded Webinar.