White Paper – Dynamic Asset Information Management for Office 365 or SharePoint on-premises

Natural resource industries, including Oil and Gas, Utilities and Mining all have one thing in common – they operate long-lived assets. In most cases, the people managing production operations, pipelines, facilities and other assets today are usually not the people who originally designed and built them, and over an asset’s life, things change. Ownership, naming conventions, regulatory requirements, output, completion intervals and even well classification, among others can, and often do, change. Systems change too, as enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) financial systems and the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems are updated, upgraded or replaced. Dynamic Asset Information Management (DAIM) drives consistent access to vital information throughout the asset lifecycle while also enabling the company to meet compliance requirements. While your systems and data may change, the access to your critical information assets should not.

Dynamic Asset Information Management helps your organization keep up with the changes and create an advantage through information. Download the white paper now and discover how organizations are benefiting from information management that changes with their organization.